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Having been in operation on Russian market for 18 years Luding Ltd group of companies became an expert in the field of doing business in Russia. It is enough to mention just one figure to confirm this: every fifth bottle of imported wine and strong liquors is imported by this operator. In addition, the company has the largest Corporate Training Center amidst the wine-trading companies in Russia. Thereby, having available all the needed resources and appreciating increasing people’s interest in the art and culture of wine-making, management of the Luding Ltd group of companies decided to launch the L‑wine project.

The first L-wine presentation for the suppliers of the company was carried out in November 2010 in the framework of Grand Cru category wine tasting, organized by the Grand Cru producers association and UBIFRANCE in Moscow. Foreign partners were introduced to all areas of the project: l‑wine.ru website, the L magazine and in-house specialized wine storage, completely qualified for the storage requirements for the wines of Grand Cru category.

The objective of L-wine project is an active development of HoReCa sector. The visitors of the presentation had no doubts in this instrument of promotion being a productive one. And among the guests one could see such distinguished persons in the world of wine-making, as madam Sylvie Cazes – President of the Union des Grand Cru Classes de Bordeaux and the proprietress of the famous Château Lynch Bages and Ormes de Pez, representatives of Château Lascombes, Labegorce, La Cabanne, Pape Clement, Haut-Maillet, Malescot Les Gravieres and others. They displayed great interest to the new project and made special mention of its importance for development of Grand Cru wine category segment.

L-wine is a trinity of components, different by content but identical by their mission. First of all there is an Internet portal www.l-wine.ru, which will host the webinars (i.e. on-line seminars). Anyone interested will be able to join the educational process, having preliminary filed an application. During the lecture the audience will be provided with the opportunity to ask questions and carry on a dialogue with the lecturers, among which can happen to be representatives of a producer. Recordings of the lectures will be stored in archives. Anyone, interested in wine – a novice or an expert – will draw upon lots of new, interesting and helpful information. Besides, a number of meetings is planned off-line, in the form of theme night events, styled after different national cuisine in the locations of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of Russian.

The lecturers of L-wine project are highly skilled wine experts, who have tremendous operational experience in the field of wine education. Alexey Turin, a lecturer accredited by Bordeaux Wine School, works in the Training Center of Luding Ltd group of companies. There are only six experts of such a level In Russia, and only three of them reside in Moscow.

The second channel of information is the L magazine – corporate publication for regional partners. The readers will find in it interesting data on providers and wines, they will learn the latest market and company news, read about newsworthy people. In addition, one can see analytical sales reviews and info on novelties to appear.

The third part of the project is in-house wine storage Grand Cru, conditions of which comply with the requirements of the best wineries. Its premises provide constant temperature of 12 degrees Celsius with relative humidity about 70% thus creating an ideal environment for the conversion of the elite beverages into real wine treasures. Availability of such storage will provide Luding Ltd group of companies with a possibility to increase a range of premium beverages. With the lapse of time the L-wine project will enable the group of companies to gain a leading foothold in HoReCa market.


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